Virtual reality technology: “To boldly go where no one has ‘bean’ before!”

When you visit the chocolate museum ‘Choco-Story’, (BRUSSELS and PRAGUE) a very special ‘treat’ awaits you: a VR trip to Yucatan (Mexico)! The experience is very similar to one at the Bruges’ Historium, but this time, you make a virtual journey to the origin of cocoa cultivation.

Bruges-based AlfaVision is a world player in developing innovative technological experiences for museums. Again, it delivers a virtual reality experience that is unique in its genre. The history of chocolate is brought to life in a very experience-oriented way: visitors go on a journey with Spanish explorer De Alvarado, who takes them to the Mexican jungle, to discover a Maya temple, where a real cocoa ceremony awaits them. This mysterious tasting ceremony even results in a sweet virtual hallucination...


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